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At Timberline we provide high quality custom wood and leather Cowhide Western Furniture options for true western flair. Our "Hair On Cowhide Sofas" are made with high quality European leathers, premium cowhides, hardwood frames and cutting edge suspension system. Today's western themed style has evolved into a style with sophisticated natural ambience. Always, customer service & satisfaction will be our top priority.

Timberline offers the finest Cowhide Sofas on the market today. Made In The USA! Today's western themed style has evolved into a style with sophisticated natural ambience. Providing a varied palette of tones & colors in which to mix & match. We have a wide array of sofas, Cowhide Chairs, Cowhide Ottomans, Cowhide Loveseats and sofa sleepers. A powerful western themed statement. Taking you back to the days of old when John Wayne & the Cartwrights rode the range, the buffalo still roamed. 

Our cowhides (hair on) are from Brazil and Argentina. Most of our leathers come from Europe and are aniline dyed leathers. We only use full top grain leathers , the top portion of the hide is the most premium grade of leather. This is the best quality and most expensive leather. Aniline dye is absorbed by the pores and permeates the surface of the hide, giving it color without covering over natural markings with a clear protective coating. The combinations of the above are the main factors in pricing and quality. All cowhides are individual and unique in their design. Mother Nature puts her own stamp on them and they will slightly vary from the pictured product, with no 2 exactly alike. Hardwood frame construction is durable and resilient with comfortable cushioning Meticulously hand-set antiqued upholstery tacks. Keeping the old west alive with the finest Cowhide Western Furniture
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